A Lincoln County family is outraged, after a stray bullet struck the room their three children play in.

The family found the bullet and multiple bullet holes on Sunday in the basement of their home. The mother, who did not want to be identified, said she has lived in the area for three years and hears gun shots “quite often, day and night”.

“We heard some the night before and thought we heard one that was particularly louder,” she said.

The mother tells 5 On Your Side “finding bullet holes is a huge problem” in her neighborhood. According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, what happened to this family occurs two to three times a year in the county, but those are only the reported cases.

“This was a very close call that we feel could have had a senseless homicide that makes absolutely no sense just because we have residents in our county that doesn't practice safe firearm handling," Lt. Andy Binder said.

Police believe the bullet holes were caused potentially by a person target shooting in the area. Lt. Binder said new homes are going up in the area and people who live in the rural county aren't used to that. He said people who target shoot need to remember a house can now be nearby.

“Nobody likes to have bullet holes in their homes,” Lt. Binder said. “It is a very serious endeavor for anybody who is a victim of this. It's an insult on their livelihood. It's an assault on their family and it's property damage. We want to preserve life and the best way to preserve life is be a responsible gun owner.”

The mother said people move to the county to enjoy the luxuries of owning and living on their own land. But, because of the freedom, those same luxuries can present some challenges, in particular safety.

“One of those luxuries is to have the freedom to shoot their guns,” she said. “But, they forget that bullets travel off of their land.”

The mother said both her and her husband are gun owners and consider themselves responsible. They’re now urging their neighbors to do the same thing.

“We would ask that everyone be responsible when they choose to fire their weapons,” she said.

Police are investigating the incident.