A rash of BB gun shootings is terrorizing the south St. Louis community. The targets: cars, businesses, and even people.

A group of young musicians said they were hit last Monday while sitting outside of Yaquis bar on Cherokee Street. Desiree Troy says she witnessed a red SUV approach them on Arsenal.

"I saw the car pull up. All of a sudden, nothing made sense," Troy, a local musician, said. "How do you react when all of a sudden there's a gun pointed at you. You don't know what kind of gun it is. for a moment your thought is, 'Someone is going to die.'"

Catlin O'Toole was hit in the side. She described the hectic scene.

"Next thing you know, it just started opening fire," she said. "There were tons of pops, like 15-20 and I noticed I got hit. everyone was getting down on the ground. It hurt really bad, like getting stung by a bee but a lot worse."

Police say there have been at least twelve reported BB gun shootings in the area since last Monday.

Over the past weekend, several businesses, including Hartford Coffee Company, Mr.X Pizza and Sandrina's sustained pricey damage after they too were hit by BB gun pellets.

Investigators are working to determine if the incidents are connected.

A total list of incidents (STMPD):

  • On 7/10 at around 23:27, an occupant of a red SUV fired several shots from a pellet/BB gun at Yaquis, 2728 Arsenal. The suspect vehicle then fled north out of sight. Three victims who were seated outside the business suffered minor injuries, but refused medical attention. The glass window of the business was also shattered.
  • On 7/11 at around 00:31, an occupant of a dark-colored SUV, possibly a Suburban, fired several shots from a pellet/BB gun and struck the glass front door of Sandrina's, 5098 Arsenal. There were no injuries.
  • On 7/11, two vehicles in the 3600 block of Oak Hill sustained window damage from a pellet/BB gun.
  • The evening of 7/15 through the morning of the 7/16, vehicles sustained window damage from a pellet/BB gun in the 4800 block of Oletha, 3800 block of Connecticut, 3600 block of Morganford, 3200 block of Roger, 4000 block of Utah, 4100 block of McDonald, 4000 block of Juniata. Three windows of Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford, also sustained damage.
  • On 7/16 at around 22:50, a 21-year old white male victim stated he just finished delivering food to a residence at Oak Hill / Potomac when he was struck in the hand by a pellet/BB gun. He drove himself to a hospital for treatment.