New details were released about a St. Louis man accused of calling in several threats against Jewish Community Centers nationwide.

5 On Your Side spoke with a local reporter who says he became a target of the suspect's alleged harassment.

Federal investigators said Juan Thompson, 31, harassed an ex-girlfriend, at times sending texts and emails to her and her boss. Eventually, they say Thompson called in eight bomb threats and tried to frame his ex.

A St. Louis man said he knows Thompson's alleged harassment all too well.

Thompson was the subject of a Riverfront Times investigation last year, after it was discovered he was fired from a national publication for fabricating stories and sources.

Just three years ago, Thompson was an ambitious journalist getting national attention for his work at the online publication The Intercept.

Riverfront Times writer Doyle Murphy published an investigation on Thompson last year.  

"He's a sharp guy, good writer, speaks well. He seemed like a pretty put-together guy," said Murphy.

Murphy's investigation focused on cracks in Thompson's work.

It started when Thompson claimed to have an exclusive interview with the cousin of Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof.

"Nobody could find this cousin, and the family is like 'This guys doesn't exist.' The Intercept started looking at all his stories then and found a lot of inconsistencies or he would talk to someone they couldn't find," said Murphy.

The Intercept acknowledged that Thompson was then fired for lying. Thompson moved back to his hometown of St Louis.

Murphy said Thompson bombarded him with disturbing messages after the investigation was published.
Others were also the target of Thompson's online rants, according to court documents and to Murphy who said he monitored Thompson's posts.

"He would post a lot of things attacking whites, white women, specifically talking about dating a white woman and had lots of terrible things to say about her...and white women in general," said Murphy.

After his court appearance Friday, Thompson's family told 5 On Your Side he is a good man who's never been in trouble.

Thompson's next court appearance will be Wednesday, March 8.