A University City man said he's lucky to be alive after two people attacked and beat him on his way into work.

University Police have one suspect in custody. On Sunday, the victim talked about the attempted robbery and support from his community during recovery.

An everyday walk to work near the Delmar Loop turned to tragedy for Jimmy Muckle. But despite the scare, he's turned his focus to the future.

"Definitely lucky to be alive," Muckle said.

The typical day turned into a near-death experience for Jimmy Muckle.

"[I was] listening to music in my headphones, playing with my phone, not paying attention, and out of nowhere knocked to the ground and kind of bludgeoned my face area,"

Muckle had to undergo surgery for more than 4 hours. The incident happened in broad daylight before a couple in the neighborhood ran the suspects off.

"Multiple fractures in the jaw area, broken nose, and because of the broken nose they had to do the [tracheotomy] during the surgery," he said.

Police said they did catch one of the suspects in the attack. Justin Hood, 19, was arrested and charged with first-degree assault. At least one more suspect is still out there.

The attack has Muckle wondering "For what purpose?"

"It still doesn't make sense," he said. "Even if I could have asked both of them like why I'm sure whatever answer they give me also probably wouldn't make sense."

Now in recovery, Muckle said he won't live in fear moving forward.

And he's got more than a few people to thank.

"He's not somebody that just works for us," said Ryan Pinkston.

Pinkston is Muckle's boss and the head bar manager at Three Kings Public House. Pinkston said the restaurant, including the two other locations, will be holding a fundraiser on Sept 11. All proceeds will go to help with his medical bills.

"It's the least we can do," Pinkston said.

To Three Kings' staff, Jimmy is more than just a co-worker or employee. He's a friend.

"There's a lot of people that care about him," Pinkston said.

Muckle said he will be back to work next week.

If you would like to help with medical costs, you can contribute to the GoFundMe here.