Newly released police reports document disturbing details into the Jason Quate case.

Quate admitted to killing his 6-year-old daughter and hiding her body in Centreville, Illinois, according to a Las Vegas police report.

Quate, 34, was arrested after his wife, Elizabeth O’Dell Quate, left their home in Las Vegas and fled to a women's shelter. She told police he was sex trafficking her for the last two years and, while living in Illinois, had killed one of their children.

She told police they had lived in Centreville with their three children, whom Quate had abused. She said he killed one of their children and left the body in a container in the garage of a Centreville home.

The girl’s body was found last week in a garage in Centreville. Police believe she was killed in 2013 when she was 6 years old.

On June 6, officers executed a search warrant at Quate’s residence in Las Vegas. Officers observed his surviving daughters in two separate rooms, under the covers without pants on. He was immediately taken into custody without incident. Both daughters were taken into protective custody in Las Vegas.

Quate was interviewed by detectives and admitted to murdering and participating in the concealment of the death of his daughter.

Detectives also questioned him about scars on his surviving daughters. Quate told detectives the scars were caused by whipping the girls with an extension cord and spanking them as a form of discipline.

Belleville police informed Las Vegas detectives of a report to the Illinois Department of Family Services documenting an incident regarding Jason and one of the children open mouth kissing when he dropped her off at school, the incident was also confirmed by the Belleville School District Assistant Superintendent.

On June 7, in a forensic interview, one of the children stated she sometimes has nightmare and goes to her father’s bed to “cuddle.” She also told detectives she does not know her mother and only knows what her mother looks like through family photos her father has shown her.

During the forensic interview, the children were asked to draw pictures. A hand-written note on one of the back of the drawings said, “I love my sexy ass dada sooooooo very much in the entire universe I miss u soo much.”

The note prompted a doctor exam on the child and the doctor reported finding physical signs of sexual abuse.
In a medical evaluation, both children appeared pale, had multiple scars over multiple body parts including the face, arms, legs, torso and head. Both were not attending school at the time of the interview.

One of the children has difficulty walking and has a large patch of missing hair.

Quate is also being investigated on child pornography charges after police found multiple images on his phone during a search warrant. Several graphic photos show young girls naked with adult men.

Quate has been charged with forcing his wife into prostitution and was in court on Tuesday on a possession of child pornography charge. He returns to court on June 16. He’s being held at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. Additionally, he’s facing extradition to Illinois on the concealing a homicide charge.

Elizabeth O’Dell Quate faces extradition to Illinois on the concealing homicide charge. She’s also facing extradition to Illinois.