The search is on for the suspects who shot a man during a robbery at a MetroLink station near the Casino Queen. The victim's family identified him as Eric Rasmussen.

St. Clair County investigators said after Rasmussen left the Casino Queen around 8 Tuesday night in East St. Louis, he was robbed and shot in the spine on a nearby MetroLink platform.

Rasmussen's sister said he gave the suspects his wallet, which only had six dollars in it and begged them to not shoot him, but they still shot him in the back while he was walking away.

Johnson said there were no security officers near her brother, so he tried to find help on his own hoping he didn't bleed to death.

Rasmussen was able to tell investigators what happened.

They also recovered surveillance video of the armed robbery.

MetroLink is not commenting on the shooting at this time.

As for the victim, he is coherent and able to talk, he was shot in the spine and is only able to move one of his legs a little at this point.