Police in Maplewood are investigating after four carjackings and attempted carjackings in broad daylight on Sunday.

According to Detective Sergeant John LeClerc, the first attempted carjacking happened around 4:30 p.m.

A man allegedly approached a woman outside Urban Breath Yoga on Sutton and asked to use her phone. He then displayed a handgun and demanded her car keys. The victim told officers she went into the yoga studio and the suspect followed her inside, displaying the handgun to everyone in the studio. That's when the victim says she handed over her keys.

According to LeClerc, the suspect got in the woman's car, but didn't drive off in it.

The suspect then allegedly went up to another woman on the street and demanded her keys. The woman gave the suspect her keys, but was apparently too frightened to tell the suspect where her car was parked.

According to police, the suspect then ran into the backyard of a home on Hazel, then broke into a home. When the homeowner confronted the suspect, he demanded keys. The homeowner gave the suspect keys to a white van and the suspect took off.

A short time later, around 5:45 near the intersection of Gayola and Oakview, police say a different suspect approached a mother who was getting her 2-year-old out of her SUV. The man pointed a handgun at the woman and demanded her purse and keys. The suspect took off in her vehicle.

Police believe the second suspect was working with another person in a getaway car. They're looking for a blue sedan, but no license plate, make or model are available at this time.