A Union, Missouri, man pleaded guilty Thursday to impersonating a Deputy United States Marshal in Missouri and Florida.

According to a press release from the Missouri Depatment of Justice, Timothy Rosselli — a 29-year-old who also went by the names Timothy Rossell, Austyn Gardner and Austyn Labella — was brought in on charges related to his passing himself off as a U.S. Marshal(USMS) to multiple people, including girlfriends in Florida and Missouri. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty in federal court.

He could face three years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

An investigation into Rosselli began when his girlfriend in Missouri called police looking for him after he left his Union home in a hurry Sunday. When talking with police, and eventually the USMS, they found that his name and Marshal paraphernalia were fake.

Later in the investigation, law enforcement found a second girlfriend in Ft. Myers who knew Rosselli as Austyn Labella. She said he bought her two sports cars, including a white Lamborghini. She told law enforcement he was in Effingham, Illinois, and that he told her he needed to buy a bus ticket because the Lamborghini had blown a tire.

Law enforcement found him at the bus station and took him into custody.

The press release said Rosselli has numerous prior convictions for fraud and deceit, and is wanted on parole violations in Missouri and his native Pennsylvania. The release also said he is suspected of deceiving others.