A Collinsville, Illinois nursing assistant has been arrested after allegedly stealing patient’s medication.

Janviere Harris, 37, was taken into custody for driving without a driver’s license, however while police were completing an inventory of the vehicle contents several types of prescription medications were found.

During the investigation officials discovered at least one of the medications had been taken for a patient of an assisted living facility in Troy, Illinois.

Harris was transported to the Madison County Jail and placed on a felony hold pending criminal charges.

“I commend my officers for their excellent work on this case. Going above and beyond the basic traffic stop works to remove illegally obtained prescription medications from the streets of Troy.” stated Chief Parsons. “I’m glad that we were able to uncover this incident before other patients prescription medications were stolen” he continued.

On June 5, a detective from the Troy Police Department presented the results of the investigation to the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office and a felony warrant was issued on Harris for one count each of forgery, theft, and five counts of possession of controlled substance.

She’s remains in custody on a $25,000 bond.