O'Fallon, Missouri police are warning residents of a carjacking and attempted carjacking over the weekend.

The first incident happened Friday night on T. R. Hughes near Westoff Park. A driver told police he was intentionally rear-ended. Instead of pulling over, the driver led the other car to the nearby St. Charles County Police Department. Once the suspects realized they were at the police department, they took off. Police do not have a detailed description of the vehicle or the suspects.

The next incident happened around 1:20 a.m. Saturday at the Walmart on Highway K. O'Fallon police say a man was walking into the store, when he was approached by a robber. The robber demanded the man's car and belongings. Even though the man surrendered, the robber struck him in the face with his gun. The robber took off, and the car was later found in St. Louis City. The victim suffered minor injuries.