A woman is facing charges after she was accused of stealing more than $77,000 in payments from an Overland child care facility where she worked.

According to charging documents from the St. Louis County prosecutors office, Sara Carle was charged with receiving stolen property. She served as the director of the Bright Start Academy in Overland, which discovered a total of $77,409 in missing cash payments.

An investigation by the company discovered receipt books covering August 2016 to March 2017 and March 2014 dating back to the beginning of Carle's time with the company in 2012 were missing. Charging documents said the company discovered 888 missing payments between September 2014 and August 2016 totaling $77,409 when comparing receipt books and the company's computer documents.

Carle resigned from her position in March of 2017 before turning herself in while accompanied by her lawyer.

She denied stealing from the company. She also said the drawer where payments were kept was accessible to anyone because it was not locked, which contradicted statements from other employees. She also said the books from March 2014 and earlier had to be thrown out after the storage shed where they were kept was found to be infested with mice.

She has since posted bail.