A 7-year-old gunshot victim from Webster Groves remains on life support following Thursday's quadruple shooting that took the lives of both of the girl's parents and another man. Meanwhile, police hope the public's anger over the bloodshed will cause someone to come forward following multiple homicides in early June.

"I wish it was unprecedented, but we've been challenged before," said Captain Mary Warnecke, Commander of Investigative Services for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. "We really need the community's help. We cannot do this alone and I plead with anyone who has any kind of information to call Crimestoppers."

Warnecke said since June 1 there have been 9 gun related deaths, seven homicides, and two involuntary manslaughter deaths. That number is expected to rise because, according to her family, 7-year-old Deniya Irving is brain dead on life support at St. Louis Children’s Hospital after a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Warnecke said she's well aware that witnesses are reluctant to come forward because of fear of retaliation.

"We work very closely with the circuit attorney's office to help protect them if they come forward and sometimes it's just a piece of information that they may never have to be involved in any criminal proceeding. They can just get us started on the path to solving this, that's what we need," said Warnecke.