When four Christmas day shooters unloaded more than 50 bullets into a Pine Lawn home, the outcome could have been much worse. It was a different kind of Christmas miracle for the four people inside the house.

“It’s a miracle and it’s alarming at the same time,” said Captain Clay Farmer of the North County Police Cooperative. “It’s a miracle that the young lady only received a flesh wound from being struck in the hand. She had the angels of mercy on her that night.”

Around 8 p.m. Dec. 25, surveillance video from across the street showed four men exit a dark colored car. The video from a local business showed repeated muzzle flashes as some of the men fired round after round into the house. After the men ran away to their getaway car, possibly a Chrysler 300, police recovered 53 shell casings.

“These guys are just getting bolder and bolder,” said Farmer.

The North County Police Cooperative hopes the video will be the key to finding four dangerous men.

“Cameras are the way of the world, they’re on every corner, on every phone,” said Farmer. “It plays a huge role in apprehending suspects. It gave us a clear picture of what was going on so we’re going to capitalize on that and try to bring these guys in.”

Anyone with information can make an anonymous phone call to the North County Police Cooperative at 314-428-7373.