BELLEVILLE, Ill. (KSDK) – A 31-year-old Belleville woman faces felony charges for accepting money around a claim that she was dying from cancer, according to Belleville Police.

St. Clair County State's Attorney charged Alissa Jackson with two felony theft charges.

"The fact that this individual preyed on the good nature of our community and the people of our community for her own personal gain is absolutely disgusting in my opinion and pure evil," said Belleville Police Sgt. Mark Heffernan.

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Jackson claimed to be dying from stage four ovarian cancer, according to Belleville Police Department, and the community rallied around her in support.

According to multiple sources, Jackson said she suffered from cancer starting more than two years ago. After multiple inconsistencies in her stories, people tipped off police about the claims.

"We struggled and struggled with what we were going to do. And ultimately it was the children, they needed to know, they deserved the truth," said Jen, who helped tip off police to the situation. "They are the biggest victims in all of this."

Through the course of investigation, police found that she didn't have cancer and her scam has worldwide reach.

"Her kids believed her story, which is the unfortunate and tragic part of this case. Her kids are victims of this in my mind," said Sgt. Heffernan.

No information is available about how much has been collected as a part of the scam.

She is currently being held in Belleville Police Department on $100,000 bond.