A car donated to a St. Charles County non-profit was found on Monday with its car rims and tires stolen.

"We showed up for work and they were gone," said Stephen Johannsen, community outreach coordinator for Connections to Success. “They came in with a jack, took the rims and tires and then put them on bricks and then the bricks fell over so there is possibly damaged to the break drums and the underneath of the car."

Since 2000, the non-profit has donated over 400 cars to families. But, it's the third time in a year one of their donated cars has been vandalized.

"It's putting families back. It really has. Every time this happens we have to come up with more money to fix this on top of the fact that we are fixing up the car for the participant's family anyway. "

The damage to the vehicle may cost the non-profit close to $2,000 dollars to repair, Johannsen said.

Johanssen received a donated car through the non-profit before being hired. He called it life-changing. The car, he said, allows for people to go to work, grocery shopping and overall reshape their lives.

"It puts off the ability for us to provide that for another family," he said.

Now, he's asking everyone to help them get more cars, so they can help more families.

"We're making such a large impact on the community with our pathways to success model that more and more families are coming to connections to success and we want to offer this to as many families as we can," he said.

And even though they have been targeted three times, it won't stop their mission to helping people succeed.

"It will not stop us even though this has happened we will find a way to overcome this," Johannsen said.