Three men were sentenced this month for their roles in a theft ring that allegedly wired profits to a man in Mexico.

According to a press release from the Department of Justice, Shannan Flora, 42, Rigoberto Gutierrez, 28, and Russell J. Witt, 34, were sentenced this month for their roles in a theft ring allegedly run by Jason Parmeley, who was living in Mexico at the time.

According to indictment documents, Parmeley — a 42-year-old formerly of O'Fallon, Missouri — got information from business and individual accounts for retail stores off the internet and used the information to order high-price items like appliances, power tools and computers. The indictment alleges he would send drivers to pick up the items, and have them sold for below-market value.

At the hearing, Flora was found to have worked in the ring for three years, Gutierrez admitted to working in the ring for two years and Witt worked as a driver for one year.

Witt, a Michigan native, was sentenced to one year in prison on Wednesday. Gutierrez and Flora were both sentenced to 15 months in prison on Oct. 4.

These three join four others who were sentenced earlier in the year. James Litchfield, 59, of Big Jim's Autorama in Madison, Illinois, was sentenced to three year in prison, and his brother Ryan was sentenced to one year. The pair admitted to receiving large amounts of the stolen property. Nicholas A. Brockman, 20, of Wentzville, Missouri, and Benedict G. Pellerito, 56, of Troy, Missouri, were given probation for working as drivers in the ring for less than two months.

Parmeley was deported from Mexico back to the United States, and is in federal custody awaiting trial.