UPDATE: The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department says they have caught 32-year-old Jason Wilson overnight.

He was sought in a manhunt near Hillsboro.


The search for a man accused of fleeing from police in Hillsboro forced several schools to go on lockdown Thursday. It also delayed a high school graduation.

Hillsboro High School students Amanda Evans and Alexis Bunch said, as seniors, they had the day off from school. They wanted to use their free time to get ready for their graduation ceremony that night. Their plans were interrupted.

"We were taking back roads back to the house to get my friend's cap and gown and when that happened, we were pulled over," Bunch said. "The officer asked what we were doing, where we were going, and if we were picking someone up."

Police were searching for 32-year-old Jason Wilson. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, the chase began at the Phillips 66 gas station. Sheriff Marshak with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department said investigators arrested the 32-year-old Jason Wilson — who was a known serial robber — in the area of Highway 21 and Highway B.

After cuffing Wilson's hands behind his back they put him in the back of the unmarked car and continued their investigation.

The investigator who was supposed to be watching Wilson stepped away to help other investigators. At that time, Wilson got his hands in front of his body, climbed into the driver's seat and drove at the investigators.

He dragged one of the investigators before another investigator fired a shot at the car. After driving less than a mile, Wilson ditched the car and ran off.

The manhunt was called off Thursday because they believed he was no longer in the area. Despite the end of the manhunt, they are still looking for Wilson, who was wearing a white T-shirt and dark plaid shorts at the time of the incident.

The Hillsboro school district said students were never in immediate danger, but placed the school on a precautionary lockdown.

While the school was on lockdown, Evans was concerned.

"We were screaming out the car window telling the guy to just give up because we want to graduate," she said.

Police looked for Wilson for hours before calling off the manhunt. By the early evening, the school lockdown was lifted. Graduation was back on, but it began at 8:00 p.m., which was later than originally planned.

"That was definitely a concern, definitely a concern whether we were going to graduate or not," said Glenda Huber, a parent. "I feel really glad about it. We've been looking forward to this day and I'm really proud of her."

Bunch said it was a memorable end to the year.

"It's for sure relieving," she said. "It's super exciting that we get to actually walk across the stage."

The sheriff's office will conduct an internal investigation to examine the officers' actions.