Lake St. Louis Police found a woman Tuesday evening who used a young child to help her steal a pricey puppy from a pet store. The dog was also found safe.

The theft happened at the Petland in Lake St. Louis Monday evening.

The pet shop has booths where people can get to know the animals to see if they're a match, but it was in one of those booths where a woman used a little girl, possibly her daughter, to steal a $2,000 puppy.  The crime was caught on camera. 

Surveillance video provided by the store shows a girl, about 9- or 10-years-old the store thinks, holding the 13-week Bichon-poo, a Bichon, poodle mix.

Minutes later, the woman she came in with is seen entering the booth. She said something to the girl and left, came back and said something else. Soon after, the girl appeared to put the dog in a large bag and left the booth the opposite direction of the woman.

“It's sad, you know, to think that there are parents out there that are teaching their children to do bad things like that and knowing that the kids are going to grow up remembering those things,” said Petland Manager Peyton Hawkins.

The wanted woman came into the store with two other children as well. A small child sitting in a wagon and what appeared to be a young boy, maybe 2- to 4-years-old, walking next to her.

The woman was taken into custody just after 6 p.m. The dog was also found safe.