The Hazelwood West principal announced he's rescinding the suspensions for over 100 students Thursday evening.

The students were suspended for five days following a walkout in support of their teachers.

In a statement from the principal, he said the district is investigating claims that some employees may have manipulated students into the walkout.

Meanwhile, underclassmen will be allowed to return to school tomorrow and resume regular activities.

The 12 seniors who were suspended can return tomorrow for graduation rehearsal. All students who missed exams will be permitted to make them up.

You can read the entire statement here.

The ACLU of Missouri released the following statement:

We congratulate Hazelwood School District in reaching the right resolution to the dispute that has disrupted the lives of its students in recent days.

We are disturbed at the retaliatory and excessive punishment of students who were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights. In the future, we hope that the school district encourages students to be engaged citizens in our democracy and fosters trust that educational institutions fully support free speech and well-thought out civil disobedience.

The ACLU of Missouri will continue to defend the rights of all Missourians.