NewsChannel 5 has uncovered disturbing new allegations about an embattled fraternity at Mizzou.

Delta Upsilon was already suspended due to a racially charged incident. Now, it’s accused of intentionally drugging women.

In a letter dated Sept. 13 and obtained by NewsChannel 5 through an open records request, the university’s office for civil rights and title nine says it received a report on or around August 2016.

The report stated that active members were allegedly providing three pills to new members and instructed them to drug women.

The purpose, according to the report, was to incapacitate the women prior to engaging in sexual activity in order to complete the initiation process.

The office said that numerous people came forward with this information after seeing it posted on various social media websites.

It’s just the latest accusation in Delta Upsilon’s troubled history.

The fraternity was placed on probation in September 2016 for a series of alcohol violations.

Police reports detail stories of women who say they drank at DU and worried they might have been drugged. Other reports indicate that police were called to the frat as many as four times in one night.

There are also reports of a male student who appeared to have badly injured his hand after the frat allegedly made new members fight each other. But he told officers he “wasn’t able to talk about it.”

All this as DU has been temporarily suspended after a late September incident in which white members were accused of allegedly yelling racist and sexist slurs at black students.

Mizzou is not commenting on the specific allegations, but confirms ongoing investigations into the fraternity.

DU called the allegations of drugging women a disgusting rumor that was unfounded by the university, but said it is working with officials to resolve other matters.