The O'Fallon School District voted to revise $1 million in budget cuts Thursday night.

Dozens of students, parents and community members were in attendance at O'Fallon Township High School.

After a closed session meeting, the O'Fallon District School Board announced it was reinstating four out of eight positions originally cut. That means guidance counselors, media center teachers, a health office secretary and a music teacher. Plus, several fees were reduced. Now, students will only be required to pay $50 in athletic fees and $15 in registration fees.

"I think they do care about what the public thinks and what the students think, and I think the decision tonight reflects that," said Michael Day, president of O'Fallon Federation of Teachers.

Many students showed up to the meeting with signs. OTHS junior, Alec Busse, spoke before the board, using this as an opportunity to make his voice known.

"I never thought that I would have this much of a say in school. Walking down the hallways, you're getting looks, kids are smiling at me, kids at looking at me differently than they normally do," said Busse.

The school board also wanted to make clear that they had heard the concerns of their community.

Teachers say Thursday's advocacy and school-wide support was a proud moment for them.

"I'm super proud of my students and I feel like they've been part of the process and they kind of go away feeling like they really had an impact on their community," said Day.

Students were able to take what they've been learning in the classroom and apply it in reality.

"Freedom of speech and being like yes, this is what I believe and I believe it so well and so good and it's overwhelming, the feeling is overwhelming," added Chapman.