Will another area catholic school be closing it's doors for good?

The priest of St. Peter parish in Old Town St. Charles said declining enrollment might be too big a problem for the school to stay open, but parents gathered Wednesday night in hope of keeping the school open.

Fourth grader Luke Koenig wants St. Peter Catholic School to stay open.

"I love this school, I have great friends here, the teachers are awesome," he said. "I love all my classes."

Others say it would be a shame for the school to close down because it's been open for generations, but the love for the school may not be enough to keep it running.

Rich Wikiera, the school board vice president, said the school's enrollment has declined from 310 students in 2000 to 106 students in 2016, which impacts the school budget.

But, like many parents, he wants St. Peter Catholic School to stay open.

"It's something we need to turn around," Wikiera said. "This is a culture where we help each other out."

No decision was made Wednesday night, and the archdiocese said it will take what was said at the meeting into consideration.