St. Louis Public Schools are fully accredited once again, after a unanimous vote Tuesday morning in Jefferson City by the Missouri Board of Education.

Among the factors considered by the state board are test scores, attendance and graduation rate.

The public school system has been seeing improvements and currently boasts a 72 percent graduation rate and a 95 percent attendance rate.

SLPS was last fully accredited in 2000. It became officially classified as unaccredited back in 2007, but was reclassified as provisionally accredited in 2012.

Since 2007, the district has also seen a $67 million deficit turn into a $20 million surplus.

“The progress in St. Louis was brought about by a whole collection of unsung heroes, starting with students,” said State Board Member Mike Jones. “They made a commitment as individuals to get better. This is an exceptional day for Superintendent Adams and his staff, but mostly for the students and teachers who worked every day for this result.”

Because of the district's provisional accreditation, students were not eligible to transfer to other, accredited public schools.

Click here to view the presentation outlining the district's growth.