A St. Louis favorite topped the list of ’50 restaurants every American should visit.

Food and drink website Thrillist created a list of the 50 restaurants every American should visit. The website says, ‘regardless of qualifications, there are some restaurants you simply have to experience.’

The list was created by Thrillist writers and editors nationwide.

Thrillist says, “Unless you're a baseball fan, St. Louis isn't the most distinguishable Midwestern city. Minneapolis has Prince, Milwaukee has beer, Cleveland has the Cavs, and Chicago has, well, everything, but St. Louis, St. Louis has toasted ravioli, which is exactly why Mama Campisi's deserves bucket-list status. Known simply as Mama's on The Hill, its responsible for inventing this town's most important culinary export.

In 1940, decades before Cheesecake Factory warmed up its first adulterated version, a cook named Fritz reputedly dropped a handful of ravioli into hot oil and just went with it. The golden-brown squares pleased diner Mickey Garagiola (big brother to baseball legend Joe) so much he demanded they be added to the menu, sentencing generations of hungry St. Louisans to happily scorched tongues and ruined appetites. Visitors to Mama's on The Hill can still order baskets piled high with the palm-sized, molten meat-stuffed pasta, breaded and deep-fried, topped with fresh-grated Parmesan, and served with a side of marinara dipping sauce -- and boy, do they ever.”

Mama’s on the Hill is located at 2132 Edwards Street St. Louis.