We’ve all been there.

The alarm goes off, and instead of feeling rested, we wake up like a zombie.

Doctor Joseph Ojile of the Clayton Sleep Institute has a simple explanation for that.

“We all need a certain amount of sleep driven by our biology.”

The key to a good night sleep is how you begin at bedtime. And if you’re having trouble falling asleep there are gadgets that can help. 

“Technology is such a good thing,” says Kim Lesch of Bed Bath and Beyond. 

The gadgets involve the use of sound and light and are designed to set  the mood.   

“It changes colors based on the results you are trying to achieve,” said Lesch.  "See the sunrise or the sunset.  This will make your body feel that it’s the right time to go to sleep."

In her blog, Stacie Newbiggin wrote “light plays an important role in helping our bodies identify the time of day and the levels of energy we should produce.  The correct lighting tricks our body into thinking there is very little or no light present and in turn encourages the production of melatonin, which creates the urge to sleep."

Melatonin is produced naturally by the body.  

The gadgets I found offer a number of sound options.  They range from rain to running water to white noise.

“Quiet noises help in getting the brain to relax," says Dr Ojile.  "Use them to ease out of daily stresses of life and get towards nice quiet time.”

Lesch knows “first hand” the value of sound.  Because she suffers from tinnitus which causes a constant ringing in her ears.

Lesch says, “it just makes me able to relax and go to sleep.  Without it I literally cannot sleep.”

And as doctor Ojile points out setting the right environment is the start to a good night of rest.

"Bedroom environment should be your sleep retreat," said Ojile.