The Little Bit Foundation supports dozens of schools across the Metro. Now, it's helping one more school: Gibson Elementary. Students celebrated their new relationship with the Little Bit Foundation with an assembly Wednesday.

"Our schools need Little Bit Foundation," fourth grader Sekia Howard said. "We need support and we need help."

After the assembly, the foundation gave each student two free books. Little Bit Foundation co-founder Rosemary Hanley says, moving forward, kids will also have access to other resources they may need to succeed, from clothing to counseling.

"When a child has the eye glasses they need or the medical care or their bellies are full, clean clothes, we have a more focused learning environment," Hanley said. "We have a more focused student."

It's an initiative she and school leaders call Project Graduation. They say the additional resources should help increase graduation rates.

"We want to surpass the national average as well as the state average and we believe that through this partnership with Little Bit Foundation, we can do just that," said Chaketa Riddle, assistant superintendent of student support services.

A lot of the students believe it, too. During the assembly, they raised their hands to show they plan on graduating high school. Some are already thinking about college.

"I want to go to Yale University," Howard said.

It turns out the school district and the Little Bit Foundation aren't the only ones behind Project Graduation. There's a third party involved, too. An anonymous donor has pitched in $250,000. Project Graduation aims to match that amount this year through community donations.

"What Riverview Gardens believes, what Little Bit believes, and what this anonymous donor believes, is it is a community effort. It takes everyone to make a difference."

The Little Bit Foundation plans to support all schools within the Riverview Gardens School District over next three years.