The results of Environmental Protection Agency tests conducted in December showed no Manhattan Project waste at homes in Spanish Village, the EPA said in a press release Thursday.

The screening, which was conducted in and around two homes in the Spanish Village neighborhood, tested for alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The results of that screening were used to determine where to gather soil, interior wipe and dust samples for testing.

According to the press release, the soil samples were within normal background ranges, the interior wipe sample results were below residential screening levels, and the dust samplings showed no relation to materials found at West Lake Landfill.

The testing came in response to a lawsuit filed by homeowners last November that claimed "highly elevated levels" of Thorium were found in and around their home. Attorneys said the signature of that material matches that of Thorium found in the landfill.

The final report of the Bridgeton Dust Pre-CERCLA screening is available online here.