The school bell rings, but there are no students in sight. The hallways are empty and chairs are on top of desks.

Classes were canceled at St. Dominic High school Friday. School president Cathy Fetter says that's because around 100 students are sick with the flu.

At least seven teachers, staff, or administrators have also called out this week.

"Started Tuesday around 70 and each day it has gone up," Fetter said. "We were at 94 yesterday."

Fetter says most of the students who are sick did not receive the flu vaccine this school year.

Now, they're trying to prevent the flu from spreading further. The school already had hand sanitizers in every classroom, but now they've added disinfectant wipes. They've asked students to wipe their desks before each class.

While students are away from the building, the school's maintenance team will clean.

"From top to bottom from one end to the other they're going to be doing everything in terms of disinfecting everything in the building," Fetter said.

The CDC says it's not too late to get the flu shot. However, it will take around two weeks to take effect. In the meantime, the big message at St. Dominic is to stay home.

"There are students who don't have it and we don't want them to get sick," Fetter said. "Our principal sent out an e-mail to the parents and just first requested, if your student does have a fever, please don't let them come to school."

Instead, school leaders say to take the weekend to try to get healthy and rest.

Although classes were canceled Friday, after school activities and events were not. School will be back in session on Monday, February 13.