There is a push on Capitol Hill to protect kids from hot cars. A new bill would require cars to come with technology to remind drivers to check the back seat.

One St. Louis dad already has a product on the market that reaches even further. He came up with the idea out of the struggles he experienced when traveling with his own children.

“My son decided he liked to get out of the car seat,” said Cars N Kids founder Bob Steffen.

So, he and several other St. Louis minds came together to form a car seat sensor. Over the years, the technology evolved into "Driver's Little Helper."

“Kids can't speak for themselves, so the device has to speak for them,” said Steffen.

It tells parents the temperature in the car, if a child gets out of a moving seat, or if a child is left in a stationary vehicle. If an alarm goes off on the app and no one responds, it calls pre-determined emergency contacts in the user’s phone.

“There's no reason for these tragedies anymore, there really isn't,” said Steffen.

Some lawmakers agree. So, they've proposed a bill requiring new car technology to alert drivers to check the back seat. The bill would also require a study on ways to retrofit existing vehicles with life-saving tech. It’s tech that may include options like Driver's Little Helper.

“We would entertain a conversation with them immediately, of course, because we don't want to see any more children die either,” said Steffen.

And Steffen says he thinks the law will need to reach further than new car technology to be effective. But he thinks a law is a good idea. Otherwise, most parents probably won't think they'll ever need a car seat sensor.

“You don't think it's going happen to you until it does,” said Steffen.