To round out our Staying Young series, were tackling an issue a lot of people face: The dreaded under arm flab. After all, it is almost tank top season.

We caught up with a professional trainer who let us in on some easy exercises that target that area without weights or a gym.

High intensity circuit training classes will certainly help you shred excess weight. I took an hour class at Shred 415 in Brentwood that targets your arms and abs. You can definitely feel the burn.

But not everyone has time for an hour class or weights to work with, so we brought in master fitness trainer Kristen Beracha from Shred 415.

Beracha says doing three sets of exercises for 60 seconds, three times a week, will get you on your way to the toned arms you've always wanted. But you have to stay committed!

"Consistency is the key. I mean with anything it takes work," Beracha said.

To learn the simple exercises that can be done without weights or a gym, watch the video above (click / tap here if you do not see the video above).