Thieves stole a Bible from a south St. Louis book dealer over the weekend, officials said.

The theft happened Saturday at Dunaway Books on S. Grand. Owner Peter Herrington said he was busy with customers all day and did not notice the Bible was missing until closing time.

This is no ordinary Bible. Printed in 1524 in France, its retail value sits around $2,500.

Herrington said he hopes the thief has a change of heart.

"It would be absolutely delightful if the Bible found its way back here, whoever did it repented. They don't have to tell me they're returning it. I'd be just happy to find it here and I could inform the police it was back [and] that would be the end of it," said Herrington.

Herrington does not have a picture of the Bible. He believes there are only four or five others like it in the entire world.