Circuit court documents claim a MetroLink guard named Murphy Outlaw took a purse and credit cards at the 600 Washington Avenue station. But Five On Your Side Investigates landed an exclusive interview with the accused, and he claims he did nothing wrong.

When we went looking for Outlaw, we were surprised that he agreed to speak to us on-camera.

We found him just sitting on his porch still wearing a security uniform and a MetroLink hat.

Murphy Outlaw of East St. Louis says that he did pick up a passenger's purse from the floor, but claims he did so because he thought it was lost and so he was going to secure it.

“I was trying to be honest and turn it in because she, the lady who used to come past all the time, and I got it thinking I could just give it to her,” said Outlaw.

Outlaw also denied removing credit cards or anything else from the purse and mentioned that the purse could have been handled by others before him.

We reached out to Bi-state Development, which runs MetroLink, for any comment about Outlaw's statements.

It says Outlaw is a subcontractor and referred our questions to the St. Louis police.

However, the St. Louis police told us to talk to the circuit court attorney.

A spokesperson for the attorney's office said she would be sending us a written statement.

Finally, we have not yet heard back from A-1 Private Investigations.