St. Louis Metropolitan Police are investigating a kidnapping in south St. Louis that took place over the weekend.

Around 2 a.m. Saturday morning, two suspects approached a man in the 2200 block of Portis and forced him into the backseat of his own car. The men drove the vehicle to a nearby bank and forced the victim to withdraw money, then drove back to the 2200 block of Portis and returned the car keys to the victim.

The two men fled the scene with the victims' backpack, wallet and cell phone.

Earlier this month, a similar incident occurred at the Courtesy Diner on the 4900 block of Kemper in south St. Louis. In that case, a man was walking into the diner when two men approached him and forced him into his backseat. The suspects drove around the city for several hours before dropping the victim off near the 4900 block of Kemper.

It is unclear if either crime is related. Police are investigating.