On January 24, 1925, Hall of Fame photographer Adolph Fassbender was in Bronx Park in New York where he took an award winning photo of a total eclipse. Because of widespread interest in the August 21 total eclipse, the International Photography Hall of Fame will begin a month-long exhibit of the Fassbender eclipse photo beginning August 16th.

The 42-second exposure by Fassbender captured the eclipse and the Bronx Park landscape, a different strategy from most photographers who only focused on the eclipse. “The photographs back in 1925 only have the photograph of the eclipse,” said Wente.

Fassbender, a celebrated photographer and teacher, was inducted into the the hall of fame in 1980. The IPHF owns three versions of Fassbender’s photo, which received the highest award at the Museum of Natural History.

Collectively the three photos are valued at $20,000.

“One photo is worth $10,000, one is a $6,000 version, and one is a $4,000 version,” said Wente. “All of these different images have been printed in different ways with different methodogies.”

For more information about the International Photography Hall of Fame, visit them online.