St. Charles County police is investigating, after a Fireworks tent in West Alton was robbed on Thursday evening.

According to police, the Fireworks city location in the 100 block of Hood drive was robbed around 7:00 p.m. Police say there were three or four individuals who entered the fireworks tent and began filling baskets with merchandise. The suspects attempted to flee the scene, but one of the managers tried to stop them. He was hit by their car, injuring his hand and lower leg, before they drove away. Manager of the Fireworks City Ken Green says the suspects fled with around $500-600 in merchandise.

“I made a mistake of standing behind the car. the car was backed in, so I made a mistake standing in front and it pretty much swerved to the right, got a piece of me, spun me took off from the lot and headed up the road,” Green said.

Green said he saw the suspects walking out of the entrance with what looked to be rockets and other fireworks. He said he believes the robbery was planned because the suspects’ car was backed in the parking lot.

He adds the fireworks tent has great security, including police officers, who work around the clock to protect them and their customers. He said when the robbers came, it just happened to be when someone wasn't looking. he says a robbery here is uncommon.

“People come in here to enjoy the holiday and buy stuff,” Green said. “We hire the best kids in the area. Most of the local high school coaches work here. They bring their athletes in. We have good kids. It's a family joint. We don't expect bad things to happen here.”

Another robbery was reported in Festus hours later at a different Fireworks City location near Highway 61 and Highway 55. The robbery occurred around 1:30 in the morning on Friday. A security guard was injured during the robbery, after one of the suspects hit him with a gun. Police say two men stole an undisclosed amount of money and fireworks.

No suspects have been found in either case.