The quick and heroic actions of one St. Louis woman saved the life of an injured 2-year-old. A nurse stepped in to help the infant hit by a car on Penrose in North St. Louis.

30-year-old Ashley Battle was driving back from the store Wednesday night with her mom and sister. As they turned the corner, they came across the scene of the accident. Battle immediately began C-P-R until emergency responders arrived.

This all happened just before 8PM Wednesday. Cheryl Smith, the grandmother of the 2-year-old, said her family, were returning home from a graduation. The next thing she knew, she heard screaming.

"I heard the neighbors saying, 'watch it watch it, watch that baby,” she recalled. “and I heard a thump and I looked up, seen my granddaughter go up in the air like a rag doll, seen her hit the ground, she rolled her shoes came off."

The driver said he hit his breaks, attempting to stop, but ended up striking Smith’s granddaughter.

When Battle came across the commotion, she jumped in.

"When I got there, she was not responsive, she was not breathing, her eyes were closed," Battle, a certified nurse, explained. She then took over C-P-R.

“I was able to get her breathing by doing chest compressions on her and making sure her airway was clear and not trying to move her too much," Battle said. She noticed the child regain consciousness and her eyes begin to open.
"That was nothing but god," Smith said of Battle’s decisive thinking.
“This is what I'm normally supposed to be doing when it's a code,” said Battler. “Do what I'm normally trained to do."
The mother of two says she could imagine this being one of her sons.

“And then I thought she was my baby, like I could picture it being my son, one of my sons," Battle said.

Smith says she’s grateful for Battle’s stepping in. "I would really really like to thank her for that,” she said. Smith says she’s looking forward to meeting Battle and wishing her well in person.

Meanwhile, Battle says this is her job as a nurse and as a person.

"You know you treat people how you want to be treated, so I always hope that I would be there to help them out,” she said.

Smith tells us that the family has been getting good feedback from doctors at St. Louis Children’s hospital. Her granddaughter is being treated for head trauma, but is expected to be okay.