Five has always been On Your Side; uncovering scams, government corruption, safety issues and getting answers.

"An outstanding investigation will tell the public this is a TV station that really cares about what it does," said former KSDK investigative reporter Mike Owens (1983-2010).

"I would argue that the investigative unit is the heart and soul of any news organization," said former KSDK investigative reporter Leisa Zigman (1992-2014).

Five On Your Side has had some of the best investigative journalists in the business. Different faces through the years, but the goal has always been the same.

"Bring a voice to the voiceless and hold the powerful accountable," Zigman said.

With that great responsibility, comes high expectations from you and from the news directors here at KSDK for the reporter to deliver a story with impact.

"They (KSDK management) didn't want singles or doubles they wanted homeruns," Owens said.

There have been many homeruns over the decades. Five is On Your Side. Then, now and will continue to be in the future.