A south St. Louis man said, for the past year, city garbage trucks have repeatedly damaged his home and no one is taking responsibility.

NewsChannel 5 On Your Side's PJ Randhawa got involved after receiving several similar damage claims from around the area.

"That's the exact reason the camera was installed here," said Joseph Miklovic, a homeowner in south St. Louis.

Miklovic said city garbage trucks have been denting and scraping his garage for years, causing hundreds of dollars in damage to his siding.

Miklovic said the city would settle his small claims in the past years — a few hundred dollars or less to patch up siding. But now, he said the St. Louis City Counseler's office has changed its tune, denying his latest claim.

The city counselor's office told us they have an April report of some damage to Miklovic's garage, noticed by a city employee.

Since Miklovic didn't make a report until October, his claim was denied.

"Unless you're coming out here 2-3 times a day, you don't know if you're garage is getting hit by anyone. You can't see it from my house," said Miklovic.

In his neighbor's security video footage, Miklovic says you can clearly see the truck inching closer to his garage.

"Mainly it's been at the edge of my property, where they have to make that curve. You can't make it in one fell swoop so you have to back up," said Miklovic.

The city counselor's office told us they couldn't open the security video file. They also told us if they were able to view a copy of it, they would re-examine Miklovic's claim.

Miklovicfully said he expects the damage to continue, and said he will continue collecting proof.

"I'm asking the city to own up, man up, to what damage was incurred and put my property back into its original state," said Miklovic.

Miklovic said he is also considering small claims court.

In late December, a Central West End couple showed us thousands of dollars worth of damage to their back wall. They said it was caused by city garbage trucks, and were offered a $7,000 settlement.