A city alderman just four months into his first term took action to remove trees and brush from a home last week.

A North St. Louis couple dealing with an abandoned home next door got results Friday, just two days after a 5 On Your Side report.

The property was so overgrown they couldn’t see the house next door. When they couldn’t get help from the city, they called us.

On Wednesday, the lot at 4646 Natural Bridge had overgrown weeds and brush so dense neighbors said they couldn't see the house.

“It's a forest and I don't like it,” Robbie Daniels, the next door neighbor said last week.

Then, just two days later, all of the overgrown weeds, branches, and vines were gone.

“I can't believe it,” Daniels said. “It's a blessing to see this it truly is a blessing.”

The Daniels lived next door to 4646 Natural Bridge for five decades and said they sent many requests to the city to clean this lot, but it wasn't until 5 On Your Side got involved that the city took action.

Alderman John Collins-Muhammad vowed to clear the mess last Wednesday.

“I will consistently target and contact the director of forestry and make sure he comes out,” Collins-Muhammad said.

And he did. After our interview Wednesday, heavy machinery and city workers rolled in on Friday.

They removed the trash and tore down the weeds and the trees in front of and behind the house. In just a few hours the overgrown vegetation was gone from the backyard.

And the side of the house transformed as well.

“I can't even remember when I saw the front of the house last," Daniels said. "It's been quite a while.”

The Daniels said they are no longer afraid to sit on their porch.

Alderman Collins-Muhammad said the house is slated to be torn down.