A Central West End family is having their landscaping replaced by the Loop Trolley Project, after the organization ordered a contractor to remove a number of bushes from the private property without permission.

According to the organization, a representative thought the family had agreed to the removal of the bushes.
He did not secure a written and signed agreement.

The landscaping in question were a wall of bushes planted by the original homeowner several decades ago.
According to the organization, the bushes were overgrown and infringing on the public property they are developing as part of a beautification effort tied to the loop trolley project.

The organization also claimed some of the bushes were on public property, however, verification of that can no longer be done.

When we talked to the contractor about the situation, they say they were ordered by the Loop Trolley Project to remove the bushes because they were overgrown and spreading onto the property.

The organization says, it did not want to simply trim back the bushes because doing so would negatively effect the remaining plant on the homeowners property.

The homeowners claim they were only told the organization would be doing weeding on the open lot next door, and also claim they made it clear they did not want their landscaping touched.

Ultimately, the contractor ripped landscaping from the homeowners private property.

It has since set up a temporary privacy fence.