An entire neighborhood of people stranded; no one can get in, no one can get out.

A train is trapping them, so neighbors turned to Five On Your Side, and we are trying to get answers from the rail company.

"You can't leave, you're stuck," said LIndsay Serrano, who has lived in the area for more than 10 years.

Living in this quiet Collinsville neighborhood comes with one big draw back: you may not be able to get in or leave. It happened Tuesday night. The roads blocked include S. Mulberry, Rolek and Lumaghi Heights.

"The train has been blocking access to our dead end home. The last time in July, they were blocking our home for six hours," said Jeremy Danheiser, long time area resident.

"It's a huge inconvenience," said Serrano. "We've missed social events. And you also never know when it's going to be there. I've been late for work."

The people who live here tell me the problem is only getting worse. The train gets stuck on these tracks every several weeks, and it takes hours to move.

It's especially frightening for Lindsay Serrano, who says her teen daughter waited several hours into the night to get home.

"Her phone is draining and I have no idea if she's OK. She couldn't get home and it's a school night," said Serrano.

CSX Railroad told us they would be looking into the cause of the frequent delays across this three street section of track.

In the meantime, some fear it could actually endanger someone's life, if the timing were right.

"There is no access emergency wise, and if it's blocked for two-three hours, and something were to happen up here, or something were to happen on the other side of the tracks we need to get to, there'd be no way to get to it," said Serrano.

CSX advises anyone who is experiencing this problem or any other with their rail line to contact them with this telephone number: 1–877-TEL-LCSX. We'll keep you updated about what we find out, and what solutions the company is ready to implement.