It may be a case of no good deed going unpunished.

5 On Your Side recently helped a St. Louis woman solve a problem she's been battling for years, but the solution led to another eyesore.

When Dora Anderson needed an abandoned house torn down next door, she contacted 5 On Your Side.

We helped it happen, but Dora called again when, months later, the job wasn't quite done.

When Anderson saw a mound of dirt with a piece of heavy machinery sitting on top of it next door, she liked what she saw.

“I'm so thrilled till it ain't funny,” she said.

It’s because this mound means progress.

To explain, lets step back to last October.

Dora gave us the grand tour of the abandoned, run down, rodent-infested house that was next door at the time.

She said she tried for years to get the city to tear it down. After 5 On Your Side got involved, the city did.

That was the good. The bad was that cleanup slowed to a crawl.

“It was couches and I guess the stuff that they dug out of the basement, all that was out there,” said Anderson.

The rubble remained for a couple of months.

“It don't take nobody that long to clean up nothing,” she said.

A city spokesperson told 5 On Your Side’s Mike Rush that the house was one of four the city hired a contractor to tear down and then clean up, but the city said they got behind.

Now they have fined the contractor and the work has picked back up again.

“I think you guys were tremendously good, really,” she said.

One of the owners of the demolition company tells Mike Rush a few things caused the delay in clean-up, including weather delays and juggling multiple tear downs for the city.