A woman in St. Louis County got the chills over her stay in the area.

That was because the apartment she rented while on business hasn't had heat for more than a week.

“Put my hat on, put my jacket on,” said Emma Howard. “Wrap myself up in my scarf.”

Howard got all bundled up, not to go out but to stay in.

“I'm a Girl Scout leader but I never thought I'd have to camp out in an apartment I'm paying $1,400 a month for,” said Howard, with a laugh.

Laughing aside, Howard was pretty steamed about the lack of heat in the corporate apartment she's renting at Oxford Hills Apartments near Creve Coeur.

The furnace broke down 10 days ago.

“I think the lowest it got was 59 degrees one night,” she said. “I spend the cold in the apartment during Thanksgiving, gobble, gobble.”

The Maryland native, who is a consultant working in town since the summer, called and emailed management a few times before contacting NewsChannel 5 on Your Side’s Mike Rush.

Mike Rush called the complex management as well, and soon after, Howard said she noticed a couple of guys pull up from a cooling and heating company.

Before long, she started hearing knocking from a couple of floors down.

Sure enough, they were replacing her furnace.

Rush: Why do you think they're here?

Howard: Because of you.

With her work contract over, Howard is moving out of Oxford Hills, but she would like money back for the time she went without heat.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Oxford Hills Apartments offered no reason for the delay, but apologized for it and promised to follow up with Howard to address her concerns.

If you are a renter having trouble getting basic service like heat or air from your landlord, address your concerns with management first.

If that doesn't help, contact the municipality where you live about what your rights are and which agency can help enforce them.

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