The St. Louis Board of Aldermen passed a controversial resolution in Anthony Lamar Smith's name. Now, one alderman wants his name off that resolution.

That resolution passed Friday and the board paused for a moment of silence.

Supporters say the goal was to honor Smith's family and share their pain and frustration in a judge's decision to acquit Jason Stockley. Others called it a slap in the face.

Larry Arnowitz, the 12th Ward Alderman, wasn't there when the resolution was passed. Now, He wants his name off the official record.

"If we're going to do resolutions for grieving mothers, we need to do this for all the mothers in the city of St. Louis and not just pick and choose," he said.

Alderman John Collins-Muhammad invited Smith's family to city hall for the resolution.

He says since last Friday he has received more than 50 death threats and hate mail for sponsoring the resolution, but he says he doesn't regret it.