Anheuser-Busch announced a major capital expenditure program across the country on Monday.

The company wants to make its beer fresher and save on shipping costs.

It plans to invest close to $500 million in 2017, and $2 billion through 2020, which is among the largest ever capital investment programs in U.S. brewing history.

According to a press release, the investments will include over $200 million for brewery and distribution projects, $180 million for product packaging and innovation initiatives, $58 million to improve and increase sustainability at our facilities.

“Since Anheuser-Busch was founded 165 years ago, our company has been deeply rooted in America’s economic and cultural life. Our love of great beer and bringing people together is part of the American story,” said João Castro Neves, President and CEO of Anheuser-Busch. “We are making these investments in our business, and the communities where we live and work, for the next 165 years.”

“We are focusing on investments which empower our employees to do what they do best – brewing the best beer,” said Dave Taylor, Vice President of Supply for Anheuser-Busch. “Ninety-eight percent of the beer we sell in America is proudly made here at our 21 breweries using the highest quality ingredients.”

$13 million will go to the St. Louis brewery and used for updates to the beechwood-aging tanks and several other initiatives that allow for production capability of new brands, along with investments to increase sustainability.