Stormwater runoff is causing an Arnold man's property to wash away, nearly every time it rains.  He says the city hasn't provided a meaningful solution, so 5 On Your Side stepped in to help.

The sun shines brightly on this beautiful spring day, but evidence of each heavy rain is imprinted in homeowner Jerry Werner’s mind, and in the lawn he used to carefully mow.    
“It’s washing all my property away,” he says, "I mean some of them ruts are about 8 inches deep, at least. It used to all be flat. So I just stopped cutting it. It's not worth tearing up my tractor."

Werner has lived in this house on Tenbrook Road nearly 30 years. He's tried just about everything to keep the water at bay. He explains, "I put straw all along here, two walls I built down there, I had to put sod here, I even dug a trench and buried my downspout, to get the water away from the house, but it's still running down through here."

5 On Your Side spoke with Arnold Public Works Director Ed Blattner.  He says there's been an issue with runoff in this area for half a century, and Werner's house should have never been built on the steeply sloped downhill lot.

In the past, Public Works crews have cleaned out the drainage ditches and piled rocks to prevent the erosion of Werner's 3 and a half-acre property.

After 5 On Your Side contacted Arnold Public Works, Werner says workers were back. 

"They had a backhoe out here and they were deepening the trench along here, so the water wouldn't flow across the road and wash out my ground"

It’s a temporary fix; Blattner says a permanent solution could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, it would only to benefit this one home, and that's money the city doesn't have.

Werner says, "All I know is I need it fixed. All it's doing is damaging my property. Before long if I can't get nothing done I'm just going to give up and move out of Arnold."

Adding insult to injury, this homeowner says, is the monthly bill he must pay for Arnold storm drains, the same ones causing him so much grief.