Residents worked to fill sandbags, and the city put out a call for volunteer help.

Homeowners took advantage of Tuesday’s clear weather to get as much done before more rain comes.

The City of Arnold dropped off sandbagging supplies in neighborhoods closest to the Meramec over the weekend. For the last few days, residents, neighbors, and volunteers have been trying to protect the homes.

Even the youngest residents are helping out. Aiden Schrepel, 11, and his brothers were helping their dad.

“I was helping my dad in the back, sandbagging the windows and helping my little brother,” Aiden said. “I don’t want to have to move yet because we are making plans for different stuff to the house.”

The city also coordinated shuttles to take volunteers from a parking lot along Jeffco Boulevard near Starling Airport Road into the neighborhoods that need the most help. City leaders said they wanted to keep extra traffic out of those areas.

Some volunteers just showed up in neighborhoods, ready and eager to help. Carrie Young said she lost her home to the flooding in 2015.

“We just want to do our part to help. After losing our house in 2015 and seeing the waters rising again, it’s horrible to see it all over,” Young said.

Arnold Park was under water; the flood reached the top of the pavilions that normally house the farmer’s market. The Jefferson County Youth Association Football field was also flooded.

Workers at the Enchanted Dragon Tattoo shop worked to clear out all of their equipment.

“Right now, we’re trying to go as fast as get everything cleared out. There’s a lot of valuable stuff here, all of our equipment, everything. Last year, we had to tear out all our carpeting and tear out some of the wall,” said worker Dan Hurley.

The Fox C-6 School District, Mehlville, Lindbergh, Rockwood and other districts announced schools will be closed Wednesday, May 3. For a complete list: