In Old Towne Fenton, it was a day of wait and see. Residents waited for the rain to stop and then surveyed the damage.

Sue Walker and Angela Harris came to their dog grooming shop, Fenton Towne Clippers, every few hours to check on the water levels.

And, although there are a few inches of water inside, they consider it almost a victory.

“It’s starting to go down. I think we’re going to be ok, right?” said Walker, who has worked at the shop since 1989. We were always hopeful it wasn’t going to be as bad as 2015.”

During the flooding in 2015, Fenton Towne Clippers was closed for seven weeks. Harris’s emotions from that flood, recovery and re-building are still close to the surface.

“We just went through it last year and again the next year,” Harris said.

This year, the employees said they started their flooding preps earlier.

“Last year, we got out a little too late and we didn’t get all of our equipment out. This year, we got it all out.” Harris said.

Some businesses in Old Town Fenton were not so lucky; some may be a total loss.

But, Walker said she hopeful everyone will be able to re-build.

“We got people who want to stay,” she said.