Local activists met Monday to send a message to Missouri lawmakers as they fight for a higher minimum wage.

The City of St. Louis passed its own $10 minimum wage in 2015, and it went into effect in May 2017 after two years of being blocked by lawsuits from business lobbyists. The minimum wage hike took effect in May, and hiked the pay rate for more 30,000 St. Louis workers. Another increase to $11 per hour would have given 38,000 workers in the city a raise.

Shortly after the bill went into effect, state lawmakers passed a bill that would undo it. The new law prohibits all cities in Missouri from raising their minimum wage. As a result, the state wage of $7.70 will take effect in a few weeks.

But Monday morning, activists announced that at least 100 St. Louis businesses intend to keep the $10 rate.

Opponents worry higher wages will cost businesses money, and kill jobs. For a list of businesses not changing back to $7.70, visit http://fightfor15.org/s-petition/71217-savetheraise-businesses/.