This past weekend marked one year since Ballwin police officer Mike Flamion was shot in the back on a traffic stop and paralyzed from the neck down.

But despite all that was taken from him, and his wife Sarah, the couple says they celebrated the anniversary.

“I'd say originally I was a little bit mad, but like Sarah said, there's not reason to dwell on it,” says Flamion reflecting on July 8, 2016. “Get up and keep going with life.”

Flamion says he can't remember his last day on duty. Police say his dash cam showed he never saw his attacker coming.

In the year since, he's spent months in therapy. And while not able to go back to work with his crew, Flamion is still serving.

He and his wife are part of Project HURT which brings together officers injured in the line of duty with the goal of helping to heal wounds that aren't always visible.

Flamion and his wife Sarah say they are looking forward to more celebrations like this past weekend.

“We call it his alive day,” says Sarah Flamion. “God saved him. And that's a reason to celebrate.”

Mike says one of the hardest parts of his “new normal” is not being able to work the job he loved – policing in Ballwin, interacting with the community.

“It's hard to see the guys and not be able to come to work with them,” he says of his fellow Ballwin officers.

The man accused of shooting officer Flamion was captured that day and is awaiting trial.